Animal In The House: Yay or Nay?

August 13, 2014

By Tab Byrum

One question I get asked a lot is how much longer will animal print be popular, this is usually asked by people wanting to use some animal print in their homes but they’re afraid it will become unpopular.
Well folks, it’s not going anywhere, animal print is here to stay.

animalhome_13National Geographic

For many people in the past animal print was only used or worn by people with questionable tastes or reputations, but today it’s available in all textures and colors, on a ton of products and at all price levels.
I looked at some tiger print fabric the other day that was almost $100 a yard.

animalhome_2Image courtesy of Freshome

Today and tomorrow we will be looking at using animal prints in our lives.  Today we will focus on animal print in our homes and come back tomorrow when we look at animal print in our wardrobes.

Animal print, Love It or Hate It?  Cheap and Sleazy or Timeless and Sexy?  

animalhome_1Pillows are always a great way to use an animal print, provides just a touch.
Image courtesy of Creative Choices Interiors


animalhome_6Animal print carpeting and rugs are fun to use and come in all colors and shades, courtesy madeintheusa

animalhome_5Animal print carpet always looks great going up a staircase, courtesy theenchantedhome

animalhome_3Tiger print rugs are the perfect print for this bedroom, image courtesy

animalhome_7Image courtesy of apartmentsilike

animalhome_4Notice the use of two different prints here, cat on the chair and zebra on floor, image courtesy of

animal-home_8Animal print wallpaper is also available, some are a little to “wild” for my tastes but I do like them in a subtle color palette
Image courtesy of Na Vitrine

animalhome_10Image courtesy of RubensHotel

Of course you can always get a little wild with lamp shades, accessories and bath towels


I hit the streets the other day and took pics of  different animal print fabrics in a variety of color choices, here’s just a few.





Do you have any animal print in your home? If so, how have you used it?  Would love to hear your comments.

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