Classic Drivers: Flats For Guys

August 20, 2014

By Tab Byrum

 Driving Shoes, Driving Moccasins, Classic Drivers, several different names for one great shoe.  For me Driving Mocs (as I call them) are a great shoe for daily wear, they’re comfortable, lightweight, always stylish and today they come in almost any color you can think of as well as styles.  


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 The ladies have always had flats or ballet flats, picture Audrey Hepburn in flats and cigarette pants, I feel like driving shoes are a guys answer to flats.



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There are some constants in Driving Mocs, they are usually made of leather, whether it’s smooth, pebbled or suede and they have rubber on their soles which is either rubber dotted or separated pad rubber.  They got their name because of their popularity in being worn on long drives due to being comfortable and flexible.


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The shoe was initially created in 1963 when an Italian shoe company was founded and named Carshoe.  In addition to being comfortable it was found that Driving Mocs allowed the driver to have and feel more sensitivity to the pedals of the car while driving as opposed to heavier soled traditional shoes.


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Initially Driving Mocs were expensive to make and buy so only an elite group of people had them, but today they come in a wide range of prices and if you are a sale watcher you can pick up expensive ones for really good prices at the end of the Summer season (like now).  Driving Mocs are the perfect shoe to travel and fly in, they slide off and on for security check points and again when you’re on a long flight and might have some swelling of the feet going on.


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Driving Mocs look great with most outfits and personally I prefer to wear them with no show socks, lots of guys wear no socks but I’m not big on not wearing socks, you know, the whole sweat and leather thing.

Ladies, if your man doesn’t have at least one pair of Driving Mocs think about getting him a pair, you’ll think he looks great and he’ll feel great in them.  Let’s have a look at the different styles, colors and outfits you can put together with Driving Mocs.


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