Let’s Have A Picnic

August 11, 2014

By Tab Byrum

Hello,  Happy Monday and Happy Birthday to my Mom!!!!!
 The month of August is National Picnic Month, so today is all about spreading out a blanket and eating outside.
We’re looking at picnics as inspiration and what it takes to make a successful picnic.  
Picnics have come a long way from when I was a kid and we used to load up the trunk of the car with food, quilts and lawn chairs and head to the lake or “down to the canyon” for a picnic.  


Who knew there was an official definition for picnic,
“A picnic is a pleasure excursion at which a meal is eaten outdoors, ideally taking place in a beautiful landscape such as a park, beside a lake or with an interesting view and possibly at a public event such as before an open air theatre performance, and usually in summer. Descriptions of picnics show that the idea of a meal that was jointly contributed and was enjoyed out-of-doors were essential to a picnic from the early 19th century .” 


A Picnic – H. Nelson O’Neil, 1857

picnic_17A Sunday Afternoon On The Island Of La Grand Jatte – Georges Seurat, 1884

In addition to great works of art,  picnics have inspired some great entertainment over the years
on both the big screen and Broadway stage. picnic-19Who could forget Kim Novak and William Holden in the screen version of  “Picnic”

There’s the picnic scene from the Broadway Musical and movie “The Pajama Game”

picnic_18and who wouldn’t want to dine out among wild animals with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in “Out Of Africa”


Divine Party Concepts

Picnics for my family sometimes were sandwiches, chips, cold sodas and cookies on the banks of Lake Keystone in Eastern Oklahoma.  We would sit at one of those concrete tables with benches, eating  and fishing.  When we went home to Hydro in Western Oklahoma there would be homemade fried chicken and potato salad or hamburgers cooked along with hot dogs and all the fixings in a pasture while working cattle or in Red Rock Canyone State Park in Hinton.  We were also big on homemade ice cream and cake or pie.


This is a picture of my dad at a church picnic, that’s him on the right in the plaid shirt reaching for something.  I’m guessing this was taken sometime in the mid to late 1940’s.

I was excited to recently discover a company that is devoted to inspiring people to spend time with their family and friends called Picnic Time.
Picnic Time was founded in 1982, and during the last 32 years they have expanded their line way beyond wicker picnic baskets with a wide array of outdoor leisure, entertaining and gift items.

picnic_2Carnaby Street Picnic Basket

picnic_5Travel Table

picnic_4The collapsible Adventure Wagon

picnic_8The Cart Cooler

picnic_9Twelve Pack Cooler Tote

picnic_7Reclining Camp Chair

picnic_10Vista Outdoor Blanket

picnic_12Manhattan Cocktail Case

So get out there and enjoy the Summer weather while it lasts!!

Again, Happy Birthday Mom!!!
Thanks for all those picnics, love and support.
Happy Birthday!!!!

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