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August 26, 2014

By Tab Byrum

I decided to do a post on this subject because I’ve recently  had a lot of people tell me they are planning or thinking of planning a trip to Great Britain over the next several months.  Earlier this year Michael and I vacationed in England, and on my list of sights to see was Kensington Palace.  We were fortunate in the fact that a special design exhibition, entitled Fashion Rules,  had just opened earlier this year at Kensington that combined the glamorous world of fashion with the mysterious world of royalty.


Kensington Palace

Fashion Rules is sponsored by Estée Lauder and follows fashion through the years by looking at clothing worn by three royal ladies, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret and Diana, Princess of Wales.  These three ladies are all represented by actual clothing they wore at different times in their lives and for some major events, reflecting the fashion and tastes at the time.


The Queen is the first royal represented in the show with clothing of her’s dating back to the 1950’s on display.  


  Each outfit is shown with a photo documenting it being worn on a certain occasion and
a write up giving details of the ensemble.


Worn by HM The Queen in 1963 to open the New Zealand Parliament


Apricot Silk Evening Gown Worn By The Queen In The Early 1950’s


Gown In The Colors Of The Flag Of Pakistan For A Tour Of Pakistan And India, Early 1960’s
You Can See The Back Of This Gown In The Above Picture


A Silk Organza Dinner Gown From 1959


Worn By The Queen In 1972 To Commemorate Her 25th Wedding Anniversary


Worn By The Queen In 1958 For A German Embassy Dinner In London


Worn By Her Majesty On A State Visit To America In 1976

HRH Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon was the Queen’s younger sister.  Margaret was the Kate and Diana of her day, anything she wore was news and her clothing choices set trends instantly.



This Grey Lace And Tulle Creation Was Worn By Princess Margaret In 1952 


The Halter Neck Straps On This Gown  Was A News Making Departure By  Princess Margaret In 1951 


This Mini Dress Made Of Antique Lace Was Worn By Princess Margaret In The 1960’s and 70’s


Both Of These Coats Were Created For Princess Margaret By Marc Bohan For Christian Dior


Princess Margaret Wore This Gown In 1977 To Present An Award To Pop Group ABBA


This Gown And Turban Were Worn By The Princess In 1976 For A Costume Event On The Island Of Mustique


Another Marc Bohan Creation For Princess Margaret, This One Worn For Silver Jubilee Celebrations In 1977

Princess Diana is celebrated in this exhibit and it shows how she went from caterpillar to glorious butterfly over the years.  Diana walked onto the world and fashion stage in the over the top 80’s, and while she made some interesting clothing choices, on her they always looked great.



Worn By Princess Diana In 1985 And 1986


Wide Shoulders, Long Sleeves And Long Skirt Made This Gown Appropriate For The Modesty Restrictions Of  A State Visit To Saudi Arabia


This 1991 Catherine Walker Creation Was Worn By The Princess Of Wales On A State Visit To Brazil.  In The 90’s The Princess Adopted A More Streamlined Look.

If you find yourself in London anytime during the next year plan on visiting Kensington.  The Fashion Rules exhibit at Kensington Palace runs through Summer 2015 and is part of the general admission price tour of the palace.  For more information on Fashion Rules you can visit here.  Enjoy!!!!

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are my own

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