Decorating With Maps And Globes

September 15, 2014

By Tab Byrum

Good Monday Morning, let’s start out this new week with a look at one of my favorite things as a kid, and I’m still fond of them as an adult,  maps and globes.   A couple of weeks ago Michael and I were downtown for Food Truck night in Oklahoma City (H & 8th) and we went into a shop.  This shop had little bit of everything, and they had one of those old school maps, you know the kind, several maps on one roller that the teacher could pull down and use in their Social Studies lesson, and that made me remember seeing some decorating ideas online using maps and globes.


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 I came home and began doing a little research and found a lot of awesome ideas, so join me today as we span the world and check out ways to incorporate maps and globes in our homes.  Enjoy!!!

Framed Maps





Of course the automatic go to are framed maps, whether they’re old or new, large or small, maps in a nice frame always look good and “lend intelligence” to the decor of a room. 

Maps As Wallpaper




I really like this idea of taking lots of maps and “layering” them on the walls or a wall of a room.  You could use wallpaper paste or easily tack them to the wall.  Great idea for a kid’s room.


Maps On The Ceiling

Style: "Neutral"


Imagine going to sleep and waking up to a map of someplace you love, maybe Paris.  This is also a great idea for a man cave, a library or study.

Crafty Maps





If decoupage is your friend some of these furniture ideas might be for you, awesome way to perk up old furniture.  I really like the idea of cutting out the places you visit on a map and frame them between glass, cute and educational. 

Large Wall Maps





Perfect treatment for an accent wall, whether it’s behind a bed or a sofa.  The idea of doing a large map in a nursery is great, never too early to start Junior on his geography (half of all 18-24 yr. old Americans can’t find New York on a map)

Globe Decor




Who knew you could accomplish so much with a globe or two and a saw.  I am absolutely crazy about these pendant lights created from 2 halves of a globe, and the bowl is brilliant.

Unless otherwise noted, all images are courtesy of Pinterest.

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