Mirror, Mirror On The Wall……

October 22, 2014

By Tab Byrum

In days gone by mirrors on the walls were reserved for bar areas of homes and restaurants as well as certain people’s bedrooms and ceilings, but today there is a trend of installing mirrors on walls in rooms all over homes.  Mirrors are great for so many reasons, they reflect light, they make rooms feel larger and of course you can always check your look one last time before leaving the room.


 I’m particularly drawn to the mirrors that have been antiqued and aged, I love that smoky look.  I also really like the trend of hanging artwork over a wall of mirrors or hanging a framed mirror on a wall of mirrors, remember that it’s all about the layers.  Gaze into these room and mirrors and let me know what you think, Enjoy!!!


Aren’t these mirrored subway tiles amazing?


In this photo from Veranda you can see how beautiful it is to treat a mirrored
wall as a regular wall and hang art on it and place furniture in front of it.  


This contemporary version is beautiful with the mullions dividing
the wall into geometric sections. 


Mirrored furniture below a mirror that’s hanging on a mirrored wall, and that tile, WOW!!!


Another up to date version of a mirrored wall, looks great divided up with wood and moulding. 


Just Wow!!!


A beautiful wall to greet you and visitors in the entry. 


What could be more chic than a mirrored closet. 



Mirrored tiles with mirrors installed on top. 


A mirrored wall with an overlay of decorative wall paneling.

So, what are your thought on mirrored walls? Yes or No?  Too retro and kitschy or chic and glamorous?

All images are courtesy of Pinterest.

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