A Door A Day: Peppermint Twist

December 8, 2014

By Tab Byrum

I’ve shown you before here on the blog doors that I decorate for client’s, some I change out three or four times a year and others I only do at Christmas.  I’m going to share several of the doors with you in a series I’m going to call “A Door A Day”, and yes it’s a play on the name of actress/singer Doris Day (I couldn’t resist, have you heard her sing Silver Bells, pure heaven.)


The first one is all red and white with some candy elements thrown in, it worked out great because the client’s had red and white lights put on the outside of their house and following the roofline of the house.  I think this one turned our really cute and since they still have kids at home I’m sure they’ll all enjoy it, I hope you do too. 



I started with the red mesh ribbon and used about 4 rolls of it, then added white mesh over the top of the red.  I then added the white lights,followed by a white and red candy garland, the red/white pom pom picks and finally the big candy elements I picked up at a local big box store.
The mesh ribbon, candy garland and picks I ordered at the Dallas Market, but you can find something comparable 
at any of the big box stores, craft stores or floral wholesalers in your area. 



Between the twinkling white lights and the shiny surfaces of the candy ornaments, there’s lots of glitz and sparkle going on. 


I’m happy to report that my client sent me text telling me how much they liked the door, the great thing
is that I can pull out the candy elements and add some hearts for Valentines and we can get a 
couple more months of use out of this door decor.  I think Doris would be proud. 

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