Dollar Decorating: St. Patrick’s Day

March 11, 2015

By Tab Byrum

A new feature here on Tabulous Design is going to be Dollar Decorating.  I’m going to start doing a post around the time of holidays showing easy and inexpensive tablescapes and decorating ideas using holiday decorations from big box and dollar stores, and we are starting with St. Patrick’s Day.  St. Patrick’s Day was not a huge holiday for my family, we have a little bit of Irish blood in our family so it really didn’t go beyond wearing green to school to avoid being pinched and I’m not a big beer drinker so green beer doesn’t hold a lot of attraction for me, but I totally understand the allure of fun especially when it revolves around ONE color.


So here we go, today I’ll show you all the stuff I purchased and where I bought it, then tomorrow I’ll show you how it all comes together.  Wish me luck and Enjoy!!!

 Dollar Tree


Dollar Tree had all these great felt cut-out mats in a great shade of green and in shapes that scream Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  You can use these on your table as placemats or on a buffet table and place plates and bowls of food that you’re serving on them, you could even hang them up as decorations.  At $1.00 each, they’re a steal.






A pot of gold may not be at the end of the rainbow but it can be on your table.  These packages of gold coins have 30 in each pack and were $1.00 each.


No party is complete without garland and tinsel, these green garlands with shamrocks will look great hanging up for your party, again $1.00 each.

Big Lots



I love this pot of gold, it has a hanger on the back so you can hang it on your door, not sure where I’ll use it, but I’ll find a place, $6.00 at Big Lots.


I Love vinyl tablecloths if they look good and these do.  Easy to wipe off and no big deal if someone spills on it, I’m always crazy for checks and they were each $4.00

Michael’s Craft Stores




This Leprechaun hat is great, it’s hollow so a vase will fit nicely in here, then fill the vase with flowers and instant centerpiece.  This is one of the more expensive things I bought, it was $10.50.


Shamrock confetti to sprinkle on the table for $1.39.


At $1.39 each these packages of straws are really cute and useful. 

Party Galaxy



Party Galaxy has every possible color of plates and cups you could possibly want, including these great emerald green ones.  Dinner plates are $5.59 for 10 and $3.49 for 10 small or dessert plates. 


Of course you need green cups and appropriate napkins in both beverage and luncheon size.  Cups were 20 for $2.99 and napkins are $1.49 a pack.

Be sure and check back with us tomorrow as we have our big reveal and show you what we did with all our St. Patrick’s Day treasures.  Have a great day.

All photos are my own.
Top image is via here.

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