Stamp Of Approval

March 26, 2015

By Tab Byrum

Last week I was at a client’s house and I noticed her neighbors were getting a new circle driveway poured in front of their home, when I came back later it was much more than just a concrete driveway because they had done stamped concrete.  Stamped concrete is when a design is pressed into the concrete before the concrete totally cures or hardens.  You can do any number of patterns to make it look like individual tiles, cobblestone, big pieces of flagstone and now even wood planks.  Stamped concrete is very popular outside of homes and is seen a great deal on driveways, around swimming pools, sidewalks and patios, but more and more people are using it inside their homes to give their floors the look of stone or wood without out the cost of buying and installing the stone or wood products.


Stamped concrete has been around since the 1950’s and was used mainly in commercial areas, it gained popularity in the 1970’s and can be seen everywhere today, especially in new construction.  If you don’t like the grey color of concrete they have that covered as well, the concrete can be stained many different colors to match your color scheme to more realistically resemble the stone or wood look you are trying to get.  Take a look at these examples of stamped concrete and Enjoy!!!


A beautiful stamped concrete path leading to an awesome seating area.  


A close-up view of concrete stamped to look like wood. 


Stamped and stained around a pool. 


A nice geometric pattern leading to the front of a home.


Using the stamps to put the pattern in the concrete. 



Kind of hard to believe, but this is concrete stamped and stained to look like wood.



Concrete driveway stamped, stained and scored. 


I like how this path looks like it was cut from a big section of concrete and moved here. 


A beautiful walk up to the front of this home.

All images are courtesy of Pinterest.

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  • Jane Smith

    Thanks for beautiful and helpful ideas! It’s pretty much helpful! Hope to read more of your blogs!

  • John Gregory

    Great designs, Tab! I’m also work in the decorative concrete industry and we pretty much do stamped concrete overlays and other systems and applications. It’s just great to come across these blogs that talk about our craft because I really believe that stamped overlays (and other decorative concrete applications) would definitely add value to one’s home. I’ve personally witnessed this over my 20+ years of working in the industry!

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