Wood Ya??

March 19, 2015

By Tab Byrum

Today I’m focusing on a look if you will, that I have always loved, Faux Bois ( Foe Bwa)  which literally translates as “False Wood” from French to English.  I can always remember liking the look of wood and wood grains, especially when it appeared in something that was obviously not a wood product.  I didn’t actually hear the technical term of Faux Bois until I was a young adult and heard Martha Stewart talk about the term on her show.


I love the look of natural wood, the lines that run through a piece of wood and the idea that this product of nature can be so perfectly mimicked in manmade creations is fascinating.  Today you can find the Faux Bois treatment in all areas of design from wallpaper ( as seen above), fabric, flooring and tile to even knitting patterns to make socks or mittens.  Join me today as we take a walk through the Faux Bois forest, Enjoy!!!


A concrete planter made to look like wood.


We are seeing more and more floor tiles made to look like wood, such as these set in a herringbone pattern. 


A concrete Faux Bois table, perfect for inside or outside. 


This bathroom is covered in ceramic Faux Bois tile, Beautiful!!


Beautiful silver bracelet in Faux Bois.


Lots of great patterns in this room by famed designer Kelly Wearstler.


A stamped concrete bench and fire pit made to look like a tree stump and large timbers. 


This velvet is a beautiful example of Faux Bois in fabric. 


Another example of Faux Bois in ceramics. 


A neck roll pillow made to look like a small log. 


I love this Faux Bois concrete planter, especially used inside a home. 


A closer look at ceramic tile mimicking wood. 


This wallpaper is one of my most favorite things I found in Faux Bois.


These wood grain dishes would be great in a casual home, lake house or mountain cabin. 


Amazing steps that look like wood, but wear like concrete.


Cake anyone??  


Another example of fabric, this time bedding, in the Faux Bois look. 


Of course Faux Bois can be formal as well, like this side table meant to resemble parts of a tree.

So what do you think about Faux Bois, is this something you could embrace or perhaps you already have.  Let me know what you think.  Have a great Thursday!!!

All images are courtesy of Pinterest.

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