Change Of Plans

April 30, 2015

By Tab Byrum


Last fall I told you that we were planning on doing lots of work to our house here in Oklahoma City, at that time we had just met with someone and discussed remodeling our kitchen, we even picked out cabinets, granite and worked out the layout of the cabinets with him. After a lot of thought we’ve decided to postpone the kitchen remodel and do some other things to our house that aren’t as glamorous but very important, we are getting a new heating/AC unit for the house, new windows and if there’s money left in the budget we will be getting a storm shelter.  The heat/AC unit is being installed this week and we’ve met with the window people, picked everything out and are waiting to hear back on cost of what we picked.  We’ve been very lucky in that our air conditioning unit has lasted as long as it has, it’s about 20 years old and we’ve lived in fear it would die during one of our 100+ degree Oklahoma summers.  While these things aren’t as fun as a new kitchen and floors they need to be done and will save us a lot of money in the long run on our utility bills.  So far making decisions on what we want hasn’t been too difficult to make, but there are certainly a lot of choices, especially as far as windows are concerned.  Today I’m sharing some of the beautiful window choices that are available in today’s market, let me know what you like and if you’ve already been through this. Enjoy!!!


Our windows will be solid glass like this, except double hung windows.


I LOVE these black steel frame doors and windows, but they are so expensive and don’t really go with the look of our ranch style home.  I still have hopes of using them some day, maybe inside the house or leading out into the back yard from a future sunroom. 


We are doing double hung windows like this, except with no panes in the glass. 


I like this combination of paned windows on top and plain glass on the bottom of these double hung windows. 


Isn’t the light in this kitchen amazing, skylights this size in Oklahoma aren’t very doable with the hot summers we have and the hail storms we get with hail stones ranging from the size of dimes to sometimes softballs, but it’s pretty to look at. 


Here’s a great use of those black factory windows inside the house, use them for a walk in shower, LOVE this!!!!

All images are courtesy of Pinterest.

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