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June 4, 2015

By Tab Byrum

I love the show Hannibal, the NBC drama that gives us the back story of Hannibal Lecter and the lead up to the 1991 movie “Silence of the Lambs“, and it premieres tonight for its third season. One thing about “Hannibal” that I’m almost as attracted to as much as the story and smart writing is the set design. I think our favorite TV shows and movies are great sources of inspiration, chances are if you like a certain show or movie it’s because it appeals to you visually as well as dialog and acting. In celebration of the return of Hannibal I thought we would take a look at some of the sets from the show.


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We see several sets every week in an episode of “Hannibal” and they are all amazing, whether it’s Will’s simple farmhouse or Hannibal’s antique and book filled 2 story office, and don’t even get me started on Hannibal’s home with that beautiful kitchen and dining room where those unspeakable meals take place. Production Designer for “Hannibal“, Matthew Davies, says a lot of thought goes into the sets on the show with dark colors meant to evoke a certain mood being used in Hannibal’s dining room and the professional kitchen is meant to let us know that Hannibal is indeed a master chef.  Let me know if you watch and what your favorite room is. Enjoy!!!


In the Lecter dining room, the effect on the walls is achieved by using crown moulding hung stacked on the wall, then painted a deep blue. Note the personal herb garden on the wall opposite the fireplace. 


A closer look at the fireplace mantel reveals the masculine collection of horns and a gilt framed provocative painting. In this picture,  you can also see the crown moulding stacked one on top of the other on the walls of the dining room. ( via )


A designer’s sketch of how the dining was meant to look in the initial designing of it. ( via )


Hannibal and a “friend” cooking in that exquisite chef’s kitchen, chilling to think what, I mean who has been cooked in here. ( via )

My personal favorite room is Hannibal’s office, the two story room where Hannibal councils his clients on the first floor and the second floor housing more books, that desk, that rug and those drapes behind the chaise longue makes me smile every time I see them. 


This is a great look at Hannibal’s office. You can see the use of modern and antique furnishing used in perfect harmony in this room. A contemporary desk sitting on an antique rug, with the peaked arches and a large antique wardrobe sitting off to the side, just beautiful.


This shot gives you look at the other side of the room and the nook to the left painted deep red.


Hannibal and Will talking it out over a glass of wine, note the fireplace in the background with the antique looking surround and the drama the fire lends to the scene. 


Here’s an artist sketch of the window wall along with some notes and pictures on combining built-ins and antiques.


I love these window treatments, you could do this with all kinds of fabrics in whatever color theme you’re using. Again, a contemporary piece of furniture on an antique rug, love that juxtaposition.

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