Fiat 500X

July 16, 2015

By Tab Byrum

It’s new car time at our house, one of those times that I really have mixed feelings about, I love the idea of picking out and driving a new car for the next 3 years but I don’t always enjoy the process of getting the car. I really dislike “making the deal” and never understand that when you ask me how much I can spend and I tell you the amount, why can’t we just go from there and not start in with all the BS of “if you can do this I can put you in this car”. Anyway this time the process was much more pleasant and there wasn’t any dickering back and forth. We had recently been seeing the TV commercials for the Fiat 500 X Crossover, it’s Fiat’s first SUV type vehicle and our interest was piqued.


We went last Sunday afternoon to the local Fiat lot and looked and they had 2 of the Crossovers and we liked what we saw. So Tuesday afternoon I cleaned up and out the car we would be trading in and headed to the Fiat dealership. Once we got there we told them what we were interested in and we started test driving, we drove three different vehicles before finally settling on the Silver model with a black interior ( I swore I wasn’t having a black interior, so remember, NEVER say never). We worked out our deal and drove it home. We are very excited about the vehicle, it’s very fun to drive and comfortable, it has all the features we wanted including GPS and Sirius Satellite Radio, Front Wheel Drive and a backup camera.

I’m not hung up on leather upholstery, I actually find it too hot in the Oklahoma Summer and cold in the Winter, so we ended up with fabric in the center of the seats that are leather trimmed, PERFECT. I’ll let you know more about the vehicle after we drive it for a while, OH I almost forgot to tell you, we have the first 500X Crossover sold in the Oklahoma City Metro area and possibly the state, how’s that for being ahead of the pack, and it’s ITALIAN!!!


I love the look of the 500X, it has the look that Fiat is famous for, just a little larger in size. 


The interior is well thought out, very comfortable and easy to use. 


Love this orange color, they had one on the lot but I can never make myself go for a bold color, always seem to go for white, silver and gray. 


These pics give you a better look at the seats, very nice fabric in the center and great, soft leather along the edges.


You have a traditional speed gauge on the left and RPM’s on the right, the center gauge has everything else from speed, fuel, and temp. You can also scroll through and see lots of different readings. 


Here’s a better look at the console and the seats, the console armrest in the center slides back and forth and the button to the left of the cupholders is the push-button emergency brake, very cool. 


This is the Dynamic Selector Switch, it allows you to choose three different types of driving capabilities, depending on the road and elements. You have Auto Mode which is for normal driving conditions, All Weather Mode which offers increased traction for driving on dirt roads or off road, and finally there’s Sport Mode which gives the driver more feedback and is great for twisty roads where more steering precision in needed. 


So far this car is a blast to drive, comfortable and exciting. The day after we bought it I had to take a quick one day trip out of town, driving on the highway all the way and it was very comfortable. If you’re in need of a new car and this is an option, check out the Fiat 500X, it’s AWESOME. 

All words and opinions are my own, images are courtesy of Fiat.

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