Friday Artist ~ Marco Innocenti

July 24, 2015

By Tab Byrum


The works of today’s artist, Marco Innocenti, are the result of today’s pop culture images and famous images of days gone by colliding into each other with the finished product being a collage of icons carrying on conversations, some perhaps even plotting together to carry off a dastardly scheme. You’ll see the likes of John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe cavorting with an image from a painting by Caravaggio, or Sophia Loren stepping through advertising posters wearing garters and pearls. As you know I love pop art and the work of Marco Innocenti is up there at the top with the subject matter and colors, check out his creations at Here are images of his work to give you a taste, Enjoy!!!


Dieta Mediterranea


Alla tua (Here’s to you)


Ironia della Sorte


Hey You Two


Italian Style


L’Omu Ragno



All images courtesy of Marco Innocenti and

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