Red & Blue Transferware

July 2, 2015

By Tab Byrum


Transferware has been around for almost 300 years, it was first developed in the mid-1700’s in England and is still popular today. Transferware is achieved when a design is engraved onto a copper plate, the plate is then used to transfer the pattern onto tissue paper and then the tissue paper is used to transfer the wet inked pattern onto a ceramic surface. Over the years transferware has been created to commemorate certain events, I’ve seen plates commemorating certain battles of the American Revolution, different stages of George Washington’s life and of course holidays. Transferware is still just as popular today as ever and comes mostly in blues and reds, sometimes green and I have a couple of collections from Spode when they did black several years ago. I also have A LOT of blue and white in a Currier and Ives pattern from the mid 20th century that I vow to use someday. Continuing with our 4th of July theme this week we are going to look at red and blue transferware and how you can use it in your home, from hanging and displaying plates to flowers in pitchers, the possibilities are endless. Be inspired and Enjoy!!!


I really enjoy when plates are hung on the wall, in an arrangement such as this always remember that odd numbers of whatever object you’re hanging looks best. 


This gives you an idea of how great the blue also looks with green. 



Of course pink looks great with blue transferware as well. 



While most of us refer to it as red, I think technically it’s pink. Anyone know for sure?


Blue and yellow is one of my favorite decorating combinations. 





This blue floral wallpaper is a great backdrop for this collection of blue platters. 


Again with blue and yellow, this time with some red thrown in. 


All images are courtesy of Pinterest.

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