Get Your Grass On

August 24, 2015

By Tab Byrum


In 1988 my parents moved into the house they live in now and at that time the bottom half of the hallway leading back to the bathrooms and bedrooms was covered in grasscloth wallpaper, mom wanted the grasscloth removed and to paint the hall all one color floor to ceiling. So to make a long story short we began to remove the grasscloth and it turned into quite a chore. The grasscloth came off in small pieces instead of bigger “chunks”, so the job took a lot longer than we anticipated it would, right then we all vowed to never use grasscloth in our homes.


Well, 27 years later I may have had a change of heart, I’m really loving some of the colors and looks of the grasscloths available now and there are even some wallpapers available that are vinyl wallpaper that have the look and feel of grasscloth. I really like the look and feel of an area or room done in grasscloth, it has a very masculine feel to it and depending what you put with it, it can be very sleek. My most favorite thing is the texture that grasscloth lends to a room. Let’s take a look at rooms done in grasscloth, Enjoy!!!


Not only is this entryway very sharp and crisp looking in a navy and white color scheme, but then the navy grasscloth adds a whole nother texture to the room. 


An up close look at grasscloth.


This gray grasscloth adds a very contemporary feel to this bathroom, look how awesome the stainless and silver accessories look against it. 


This is a great pic to demonstrate how grasscloth can work with contemporary furniture as well with traditional furniture and accessories. 


This grasscloth really caught my where they added a metallic touch to it, the metallic really brings out the texture of the wallpaper. 


This grasscloth has a linen look to, beautiful. 


This grasscloth adds a very subtle texture and color feel to the room.


Grasscloth provides a great background for artwork. 


If you don’t want to do a whole room in grasscloth you can use it in bookcases and niches to bring focus to those areas.


This stairwell has blue grasscloth on the walls, then a hand painted element was added with the addition of the tree. 


Very simple, classy and calm. 




Love the contemporary feel of this wall with the traditional grasscloth walls.


Gray is everywhere and nowhere is it more gorgeous than in a textured grasscloth.


Grasscloth comes in a wide array of colors to match your ideas.


I love how this artwork pops against the colors of this rooms walls. 



These pillows add a huge pop of color against a gray and neutral toned room. 


All images are courtesy of Pinterest.

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