Taking Stock

August 18, 2015

By Tab Byrum

Stock is one of my favorite flowers to use in fresh flower arrangements, it comes in several beautiful colors, but perhaps my most favorite thing about Stock is its scent.


Stock has a spicy scent that almost reminds me of clove, it’s deep, rich and blends beautifully with the scents of other flowers when placed in a mixed arrangement. I’ve also used stock on it’s own, it has a wonderful conical shape that gives a nice burst up of color, Stock is also a reasonably priced flower so you get a lot of punch without spending a lot of money. Stock is a flower that you can grow in your own flower beds, it’s best to plant Stock seeds several weeks before the final projected frost for your part of the country and it will bloom throughout the cool Spring months. Let’s take a look at Stock, both on its own and in mixed arrangements, Enjoy!!! 


This gives you an idea of some of the beautiful colors Stock comes in. 

Stock is great for weddings, its scent is wonderful and the white version is beautiful.



Stock also comes in this Peach hue.


A great example of  how effective Stock is on its own.


This arrangement is Stock (around the bottom) Hydrangeas, garden roses, and Snapdragons. There’s also Stock mixed in with the Snaps at the center. 


A simple bridal bouquet of Stock and Roses, see how nicely Stock fills in, it makes an awesome base to build on. 


This pic gives you a good idea of the shape of  Stock, it also has great leaves. 




Up close look at Stock, Double Flowered Stock is the one most used by florists.



A beautiful and simple display of all white flowers with Stock in the center vase, the green stems break up the color, one of my favorite looks. 


Another great bouquet, all the white flowers you see in this arrangement are Stock. 

All images are courtesy of Pinterest.

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  • Sharon

    I wasn’t even aware there was a flower named Stock Learned something I’ve seen lots of these but assumed they were something else The Daisey bouquet is fabulous

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