In The Country With Martha

September 7, 2015

By Tab Byrum

Hello everyone and Happy Labor Day!!!! It’s days like today I wish I had a place in the country to go to, a secluded house somewhere, surrounded by trees, wildlife, peace and quiet. Luckily for some people they’ve found that dream, and one of those people is Martha Stewart. Now, I’ve always been a fan of Martha’s, even after her unfortunate incarceration, I mean come on, the woman built an empire, went to prison and came back to running an empire and never seemed to miss a beat. I admire her work ethic, her creativity and her ability to keep going. One other thing I admire is her country home in Maine called Skylands.


Skylands is a 35,000 square foot home originally built by Automobile Magnate Edsel Ford on Mt. Desert Island in Seal Harbor, Maine and it’s amazing. The home is all stone on the outside as well as some on the inside while the home is huge and glamorous it also has a rustic feel to it. I’m always bowled over when I see pictures of the huge outdoor terrace as well as all the beautiful furniture and artwork. Today Stewart says she spends much of her Summers at Skylands as well as returning throughout the year as often as she can, join me today for a Labor Day trip to Maine and tour this country home, Enjoy!!!


I love this huge terrace at Skylands, made up of varying sizes of flagstones, just beautiful.


The front entrance to Skylands is simple and majestic, a great welcome to a beautiful home. 


Another view of the back terrace from above.


A moss covered outdoor staircase at Skylands.


The mistress of Skylands with some of her beloved pets, her Chow, Ghengis Khan and her two French Bulldogs Sharkie and Francesca. 


The beautiful entrance to the house, notice the beautiful stone floor and the bench to the left is faux bois, it’s made of stone but carved to look like wood. Faux bois is one of Stewart’s favorite things to collect. 


The living room of Skylands as it is today in the picture above and as it appeared years ago in the picture below. In the above picture notice the faux bois table and benches in the middle of the room creating a divider between two different areas of the room. 



This is the dining room of Skylands from the “old days”. 


A faux bois planter makes a great decorative element in the house, I love how it looks next to this very decorative chair. 


I love all the stone floors throughout the house, especially in areas like this flower room. 


A collection of maps adorns the walls in this side entrance to the house, a great place to sit and take off your boots after a hike. Collections like this are great for hallways and pass throughs. 


Wood floors, subway tiles, open shelving and large work surfaces make this 1930’s kitchen feel very “today”. I could definitely cook something up in this kitchen.


A great place to have a beautiful meal at the end of a beautiful day in Maine. 

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day and Enjoy!!!

All images are courtesy of Pinterest and Architectural Digest.

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