Tabulous Patterns: Damask

September 30, 2015

By Tab Byrum

Today we are going to start taking a look at different patterns used in the world of design, more specifically interior design, and we begin with Damask. Damask gets its name from the city of Damascus, in the Middle Ages when Damasks first became popular many of them were made in Damascus. In the 14th Century Damasks began to take on the look we are used to today, with a glossy satin faced pattern on a duller background, both being the same color, with two color Damasks coming around later.


Today you find the Damask pattern on much more than just fabric, you can find Damask wallpaper, wall decals, lampshades, toilet paper and stencils that enable you to apply a Damask pattern anywhere you want. Personally, I like Damask, while it definitely has a formal feel to it, it’s also fun to mix in with more casual fabrics. Let’s take a peek at the many looks of Damask and find some pattern inspiration, Enjoy!!!


This elegant wallpaper sets the tone for the whole room, with brown being the main color and turquoise being brought in through accessories. 


The combination of blue and black is one of my favorites. This Givenchy coat is beautiful. 


Skulls have even found their way into Damask patterns.


This hot pink Damask wallpaper gives a big kick to the upper areas of this laundry room. 


Love this entry way and stairwell. The striped fabric on the chair is perfect against the Damask. 


Green Damask for days……….


And sometimes just a hint of a pattern is all you need, like this pillow. 


I’m not a huge fan of decals, but these Damask ones are very elegant looking. 


Damask always seems to work on most antique pieces of furniture.


This art piece was made using canvases from the art store and an overhead projector. The Damask image was projected onto the canvas and painted, then hung with a little space between the canvases to create a triptych effect. 


Again, hot pink Damask brings a big WOW factor to a room. Love it with the black and white. 




A Damask shower curtain and rug add a touch of elegance to a simple bathroom. 


A crystal chandelier and a Damask rug are all it took to up the game of this laundry room.


This could be achieved by wrapping canvases in Damask fabric, applying Damask wallpaper to boards, or using Damask stencils to paint the design on boards or canvases. 


A look at one of the many Damask stencils available and how it’s used. 


You can even bring a little elegance to your favorite kitchen appliances. 

All images are courtesy of Tumblr and Pinterest.

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