9 Corny Decorating Ideas

November 9, 2015

By Tab Byrum


One of my favorite things to use in holiday decorating during the Autumn season is Indian Corn, I love all the different colors it comes in, both the large and small sizes and the color and texture of the husks on the end. The corn can be used in several different ways to decorate your home or holiday dining table and today we are going to take a look at nine different ways to use the dried corn. Enjoy!!!


This may be the quickest and easiest idea, gather up several different ears of dried colored corn and place them in some type of container. Whether it’s a wooden box like our example or a basket, the container can add a lot to the display. 


An Indian Corn wreath is very festive. You can use a styrofoam wreath form and glue the corn directly to the foam or you can fashion your own form out of cardboard and glue the corn to that.


You can add the corn to a collection of fall fruits and flowers, here the display is on a tiered cake stand and includes pumpkins, pomegranates, fall colored flowers and small groupings of wheat. 


You can turn any inexpensive vase (dollar store) into something spectacular, just hot glue the corn to the side of the vase, fill it with water and do a fall floral arrangement. 


Having been raised in wheat country I have a soft spot for the golden grain, here wheat forms a bed for colorful Indian Corn in a bowl.


The same idea from earlier for a flower vase can apply to a vase or hurricane for candles. Glue the corn to the outside of the container, place a candle inside and light up, you can add twine or raffia to the outside to add another layer to the display. 


Another candle idea is to cut the corn off the cobs or buy and use popcorn, place it in the bottom of the container and use it as a bed to rest the candle on. Gather up different sizes and shapes of containers, use different colors of corn or use one color to coordinate with your tablescape and linens. 


You can secure the colorful corn to wire, rope or twine with florist wire and create a colorful garland that you can hang on doors, window, fireplaces or wherever you need a little perk up.


You can gather three ears of corn as seen here, wire them together and you have an instant bouquet that can be hung on doorknobs or cabinet knobs, use a pipe cleaner on the back to hang it from so the wire doesn’t scratch anything.  If the corn has the husks still attached that’s even better. 

All images courtesy of Pinterest.

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