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December 8, 2015

By Tab Byrum

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Recently one of my clients asked me to do some holiday decorations at his office, the office is new this year so we are starting from scratch. He didn’t want anything over the top so I tried to keep it simple and easy, today I’m sharing a few of the things I did to bring some color and a touch of Christmas to a masculine office, Enjoy!!!

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I found a vendor here in Oklahoma City that’s selling large pinecones and the tips have been painted white to mimic the look of snow or frost on the pinecones, I purchased a couple of these inexpensive black dough bowls and placed two of  the large pinecones in the bowls and then surrounded the pinecones with two sizes of shatterproof ornaments in Christmas colors of red, gold and green, instant centerpiece. I did an identical one of these pieces and placed it on a small antique bench at the front of the office. 

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The bowl of pinecones and ornaments nowhere near fills up the table but this is a working conference table so I wanted something that didn’t take up a lot of space and can easily be moved if necessary. 

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Continuing with the pinecone theme, I strung garland along the top of bookcases in the lobby area, then everywhere I secured the garland to the top of the bookcase I attached two of the large pinecones using fine florist wire then topped it off with a bright red ornament.

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Here you can see how it looked when finished, I really like it, the greenery and pinecones look great with the brick wall and dark stain of the bookcases and the ornaments add just the touch of color and Christmas.  I really would like to see something on top of the bookcases, but I didn’t want to do “too much” and go over the top. Like I said this is the first Christmas in these new offices so we can always add something next year if we want to. 

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I added a few inexpensive Nutcrackers to the shelves of the bookcases, they also add a touch of Christmas and color to the big heavy wood pieces, they also work well with the colorful books on the shelves. I always think Nutcrackers are a great thing to use in a man’s office or a boy’a bedroom, they’re usually dressed in uniforms or masculine clothes and are depicted doing “guy” things. 

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Jars are always a great way to get some holiday color and fun in a kitchen area, in this case, it’s in the breakroom area. I bought a tray that’s black and white and goes along with the theme of the kitchen and can be used throughout the year. Instead of big fancy jars,  I purchased three jars with white porcelain lids with the old fashioned clamps and filled them with Christmas M&M’s, candy canes and Christmas Reeses candies ( all guy faves ) and scattered more candy around the jars. For a little added fun, I added a Chef Nutcracker. (we’ll talk more about jars in a few days)

There you have some quick and easy ideas for some Christmas decor, most of it is not expensive, of course,  you can find all these items at different price points and spend as much or as little as you like. Have a great Tuesday and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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