This Day Before Christmas

December 24, 2015

By Tab Byrum

Christmas Eve Gift!!! Here we are the day before Christmas and all through the house, well you know how the rest of it goes, but in case you don’t know I thought we would take a look at and talk a little bit about the famous poem, A Visit From St. Nicholas, and the many looks of it over the years. The poem A Visit From St. Nicholas was first published in 1823, it was published anonymously and 15 years later in 1837 Clement C. Moore acknowledged he was the author. Legend has it that Moore composed the poem while riding in a sleigh and he took inspiration for the description and look for Santa Clause from a local handyman and the legend of St. Nicholas.


Today historians credit Moore with moving the focus of the holidays from New Years Day to Christmas and, even more moving the focus to children and the visit on Christmas Eve from the jolly old elf who brings them gifts. Whatever you believe the poem is a great look at early American traditions and I love the use of language in the poem, here’s a look at different illustrations and book cover designs over the years, Enjoy!!!



One of my favorite authors/illustrators of Christmas books is Jan Brett, and this version of The Night Before Christmas doesn’t disappoint.  


Of course, you know by now that I love anything retro and this version of the poem is awesome in all its retroness. 




Reading the Night Before Christmas is a tradition in some families. 


I always liked these cloth books, this one from Father Tucks Nursery Series is beautiful. 



I remember this animated telling of the story when I was a kid, 1970’s comic George Gobel was the voice of the mouse narrator. 


If you’re lucky enough to have grown up on Golden Books then you might remember this big golden book version of the poem. 



I remember this version as well, so cute. 



Isn’t this a beautiful picture, illustrating the magic of Christmas.



I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve today and we all get a special visit from Santa tonight, Happy Christmas Eve!!!!!

All images are courtesy of Pinterest.

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