A Night With Madonna

January 18, 2016

By Tab Byrum

Last Thursday the 14th we drove to Tulsa to see Madonna in concert in her new Rebel Heart Tour and I wanted to share with you what we thought as well as some images. Michael and I were joined by our friends and traveling companions Donna and Geoff, the four of us being children of the 80’s were excited to see one of the icons from our teenage years live. Let me say that the show was AMAZING!!!!!


Madonna has never looked or sounded better, the costumes were amazing whether it was the beautiful red and black number with an Asian theme in the opening of the show, that slowly disappeared to reveal a 57 year old woman that’s in amazing shape, the bullfighter ensemble she wears while singing several of her songs that have a Latin influence or the silver and black flapper costume towards the end of the show they were all gorgeous. 


The show kicks off with Madonna descending from the ceiling in this cage, what a way to start.  ( via )

The stage itself was amazing with huge screens as the backdrop and parts of the floor on the main backstage raised and lowered allowing her and her dancers to perform some amazing dance and acrobatic routines at all kinds of different angles. There is a very long runway that extends out from the main stage onto the floor of the arena Madonna and her amazing dancers spend probably 80 percent of their time performing on this runway. Two numbers in the show are performed with long poles that attach to the runway floor and can I just tell you that the routine performed by the male dancers to the song “Illuminati” is amazing, the sheer timing and strength of these people to pull this off is unreal, one of my all-time favorite things I’ve seen at a live concert. If you get a chance and are a fan of Madonna definitely check this show out, many expert reviewers are saying this is the best “composed” show she’s ever presented and on its way to being the best thing she’s ever done, she sings several songs from her new album as well as several of her hits from the 80’s and 90’s in a new way that’s awesome. Here’s a peek behind the curtain and a look at the show, Enjoy!!!


( via )


I have to say I was impressed with Madge’s skills on stringed instruments, several times during the evening she picked up a guitar or ukelele and sang. ( via )


We were whisked off to Spain as Madonna and her dancers performed several of her songs with a Latin feel. ( via )

BRIT Awards 2015 - Show


Poles were used twice in the show and both performances were extremely impressive and fun. ( via )


This image gives you an idea of the grandeur and scale of the sets and costumes. ( via )


The last set of songs was performed in this gorgeous 1920’s inspired flapper outfit. ( via )


( via )


For her encore Madonna performed her 1983 hit “Holiday” dressed in red, white and blue, a wonderful way to end an amazing evening. ( via )


( via )

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