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January 25, 2016

By Tab Byrum

Many times when remodeling or decorating we want a WOW something, whether it’s a piece of furniture, art or a rug but you can also get the wow factor from your walls and more specifically in the form of an accent wall. An accent wall is when you pick one wall in a room and do a treatment to that wall that is extra special and really makes it appealing to the eye when you enter a room.


Accent walls can be done in several different ways, whether it’s with a paint treatment, wood, tile or wallpaper, so this week we are going to look specifically at different types of accent walls every day, and we begin today with an overview of the different things you can do. Do you have an accent wall in your home, and if so what treatment did you do to get the look you want. Here’s a peek at what this week holds for us, Enjoy!!!


Of course, one of the easiest things to do is simply paint the accent wall in your room a color different from the other walls in the room but that coordinates with the color scheme you have going on. 


Wood can be used in lots of ways to create an accent wall, it just involves a lot of cutting and gluing. 


This is another use of wood for an accent wall, here 1 x 6 wood planks are wrapped in metallic grass cloth and attached to the wall to create depth and texture. 


Board and Batten paneling is created using wood and painted a coordinating color, this is a classic look that can be updated with the choice of paint color instead of the traditional stain.


With all the tapes on the market today and paint colors you can create some amazing geometric patterns on walls. 


Here’s an example of a Harlequin or diamond paint treatment that someone has taped out on their wall. You can paint the diamonds all the same color or different colors, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. 


Here’s a bright and vivid wall treatment applied to a staircase wall in the entry of a home, this will certainly make a first impression.


This look was achieved by combining several different pattern of tin ceiling tiles and painting them different colors to achieve a patchwork look. 


This in one of my favorite wall treatments using stone wall tiles. It looks like the stone has been installed one piece at a time but they actually come in squares sections with several pieces of stone on each piece. It definitely gives a rugged yet elegant feel. 

Check back all week as we explore accent walls and go more in depth on the design of them and all the materials available to make the wall of your dreams come true. 

All images are courtesy of Pinterest.

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