Wood You On Your Walls?

January 27, 2016

By Tab Byrum

It’s day 3 of looking at accent walls and today we are talking about and taking a look at creating accent walls using wood. Unlike the wood paneling you may remember if you’re a certain age, you can use any and all kinds of wood to create accent walls from barn boards, new boards and even wood flooring installed on walls (and ceilings) instead of on the floor.


Wood used on walls is a great way to warm up a room, you can paint or stain it or if it’s old or reclaimed wood you can leave it in its natural state. I love the gray and tan colors that you see in old reclaimed wood. I’m going to share some images with you of accent walls done with wood, both old and new. Have a great Wednesday and Enjoy!!!


This wood accent wall provides enough of an impact that there really isn’t any need for a headboard. Don’t you love all the colors in these boards? 


This is what’s known as board and batten paneling, it can be achieved by applying different size boards in the configuration you want and painting the boards and wallboard it’s on all the same color. It’s very traditional looking but I really like it. 


This looks to be raw lumber applied to a wall, I’m assuming it was applied to the wall from the bottom up since the boards are overlapping each other at the top of each board.


There are two kinds of wood treatment going on here, the white walls are covered in ship lap which is very popular right now and then wood has been applied to the ceiling. I really like this look, especially how the ceiling draws your eye up.


This look was achieved by applying the cut end pieces of 4×6 or 4×8 pieces of lumber to sheets of plywood using construction adhesive, the sheets of plywood were then attached to the wall. I love the circular motion you get from the grain of the wood along with all the rectangles. 


I’m always up for a good herringbone pattern.


Restaurants are always great places to look for inspiration, both the picture above and below were taken in restaurants that have installed wood accent walls. both walls are unique in the randomness of the first one but everything still fits together and in the second photo I love that they installed the wood vertically. The color of the wood wall plays so well against the other walls in the room painted white and black light fixtures along with the black tables and chairs. 



This wood accent wall is very calming in it’s toned down color scheme, I also like how they continued the wood theme inside the fireplace by affixing the ends of logs to the wall of the fireplace. 

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