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February 9, 2016

By Tab Byrum

I love looking at fabric for design jobs and a while back I saw a picture of a chair someone had reupholstered using men’s suiting fabric and that made me very curious, as much as I love clothes and the beautiful fabrics that men’s suits, jackets, slacks and shirts are made out of could I really buy that fabric and use it in my home to update furniture? I went to the website for Mood Fabrics (made famous by Project Runway) and began looking at their men’s suiting fabrics and there’s a lot to choose from.


Mood has a sample program where you can order samples of fabric for a dollar and the prices of fashion fabrics are a lot less than many upholstery grade fabrics and they’re just as durable considering they’re made to last for years as we wear them, wash and dry clean them. I was also happy to find out that that the width of fashion fabrics are many times wider than the standard 54-inch wide upholstery fabrics, the bolt of fabric I bought is 62 inches wide.  I bought some gray and brown wool suiting fabric to use in the bedroom to drape a wall and make window treatments but I’m definitely looking at other fabrics to use in upholstering a couple of chairs and a bench in the house. Today we’re going to take a look at what can be accomplished using fashion fabrics and more specifically menswear fabrics, be inspired and Enjoy!!!


A classic suiting pattern such as Houndstooth looks beautiful used in upholstery, this chair looks very classic and elegant. 


The classic Glen Plaid fabric looks beautiful on this curvy chaise lounge from Ralph Lauren.


Pinstripe has been a solid source of inspiration for years.


This pinstripe wallpaper makes a beautiful backdrop for this room.


Contemporary chairs covered in a classic pinstripe fabric. 


The fronts of these dining chairs are done in navy pinstripe and the backs are in a navy window pane fabric.


Leather has of course been used in men’s coats and jackets for decades and what better way to accessorize a leather sofa than with pillows made of men’s suiting like these pinstripe pillows.


This image shows what can be done with menswear-inspired fabrics, just like with our clothes you can mix and match fabrics to create both a beautiful outfit and room. 


Plaid shirts are the inspiration for this beautiful blue wallpaper. 


Of course,  you can mix and match your fabrics such as this leather and plaid sofa. 



Mad for plaid in this room and I LOVE it. 

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