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February 16, 2016

By Tab Byrum

So many times we turn to France and the French people for inspiration when it comes to clothing, food, and interior design. The French are famous for creating a look by combining certain elements or taking certain items meant for one purpose and using them for another, French Pastry or Baker’s Tables are one of those items as well as French Pastry Stands.


French Pastry Tables are very sought after, they have a bit of an industrial look to them with their iron legs but, of course, being French they have just enough decoration on those legs to add special interest and they are usually topped with a beautiful piece of marble, marble, of course, stays cold and lets pastry chefs work with their pastry on the table and the dough doesn’t get too hot. I also have a soft spot for the Pastry Stands as well, usually done in brass and glass, the stands are very eye catching and a great way to perk up a kitchen or space in the kitchen. Today we’re going to take a look at both tables and stands and show you how they can be used. If you are lucky enough to find the real thing be prepared for some sticker shock, but there are many companies out there creating copies that are very attractive, Enjoy!!!


I really like how these tables look under a mirror or a group of pictures. 


The Pastry Stands are a beautiful way to display special items in your home, most of the time you will see them used in the kitchen, but they would be equally as beautiful in a large bathroom showing off perfume bottles and glass jars full of cotton balls and Q-tips. 


Of course if you have a wall this beautiful you don’t need a mirror or artwork above your table.


The Pastry Stands come in different sizes, this one is more narrow than some I’ve seen, great for a smaller kitchen. 


Sometimes you can get lucky and find the metal base of a Pastry Table, if you do grab it up, with the prevalence of marble and granite you can always have a piece cut to use on top of the base. 


Isn’t this just really sharp looking, I would so do this as open shelving in the kitchen to store plates, bowls and glassware. I love the glass shelves. 


So French, so chic.


Here you can see how someone installed a Pastry Stand in a bar area of a home in front of a mirror, definitely brightens up a space. 


An antique table covered in antique dishes and food covers. 


Here’s a good look at what I’m talking about using a Pastry Stand as open shelving in a kitchen, doesn’t it look awesome against the subway tile and in front of a window? All you need is a croissant and a cup of tea.

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