Tabulous Tastemaker: Mary Quant

February 11, 2016

By Tab Byrum

Today we are celebrating the birthday of a very with it woman and designer, Mary Quant. Mary Quant is credited with bringing on the mod and youth fashion movements of 1960’s London which eventually spread across the globe. Mary Quant was born in London on February 11, 1934, to school teacher parents who were originally from Wales. Mary completed high school then went on to get a degree in illustration and then began working at Erik, a high-end hat shop in London and in 1955 she opened her own first shop called Bazaar and a second Bazaar in 1957.


Quant is credited with creating both the mini skirt and hot pants and getting young people to dress to please themselves and not others, just to have fun with it. In the beginning, Mary stocked clothing and merchandise made by others but after a pair of lounging pajamas she had designed appeared in Harpers Bazaar she decided to create and sell her own line of clothing and not others. Quant gives credit for the creation of the miniskirt to her customers, saying she made the fun and easy to wear clothes the young ladies wanted and the customers were the ones who kept asking for shorter skirt lengths.


60’s icon Twiggy in a Mary Quant creation. 

Quant is also credited with the brightly colored and patterned tights that were worn with mini skirts and it was finally after her creating hot pants in the late 60’s that she became a fashion icon. Eventually, she moved on from just clothing and also designed home goods and bedding and eventually cosmetics, in 2000, she sold her cosmetics company to a Japanese company. Happy 82nd Birthday to Mary Quant, a Tabulous Tastemaker and groovy lady!!!!


Jean Shrimpton in a double faced jersey dress by Mary Quant, 1963. 


American actress Sharon Tate in a Quant blouse, 1966


“Daddy Longlegs” boots by Mary Quant, 1968.


A Mary Quant MOD pattern. 


A peek at some of the stockings designed by Mary Quant.


A 1966 ad for Mary Quant fashion. 


This was the very popular Mary Quant Chelsea Girl look. 


Quant and models in some of her creations. 


Models sporting Mary Quant raincoats, hats and boots. 


Audrey Hepburn in a 1967 Quant creation.


Mary Quant

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  • Sharon Cullison

    That is my style of dress Remember I was in my early 20s in the late 60’s Love this look Looked like this often

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