Easter Treats: Sugar Panorama Eggs

March 17, 2016

By Tab Byrum

I think Sugar Panorama Eggs are fascinating, they have been around for many many years, dating back to Victorian times, but are still an unknown art to many people. The eggs are created by mixing sugar and water together into two molds after it hardens the insides are scooped out and royal icing is used to decorate and join the two halves together. There is also a little window cut out of one of the halves that allows you peer inside and view a scene created in the interior of the egg. Occasionally you will find Sugar Panorama Eggs in stores and of course,  you can find them online.


The eggs make beautiful decorations and centerpieces for the Easter holidays, just imagine one in the center of your dining table with low flower arrangements on each side or perhaps a sugar egg as the focal point of a floral arrangement. You could also elevate your egg on a stack of books and place it in the middle of the dessert table and cover the books with a brightly covered cloth. However you decide to use an egg they will add something special to your decor, today we are looking at the eggs from SugarEggs.com. The owner of Sugar Eggs talks about how this is something they were introduced to as children by their mother and today they’ve been able to turn it into a business. Join me for a look at these delicate beauties, check out SugarEggs.com website and indulge in a food art made just for this time of year, Enjoy!!!



Eggs are available both standing up vertically or lying on their side. 


As you can see they can also be personalized to make them an extra special gift. 



Sugar Panorama Eggs would be a great gift for baby’s first Easter. 


SugarEggs.com also has eggs that can be used as candy dishes.


Many of the eggs we’ve looked at today come from their selection of large eggs, above you can see how cute they are from the Small line of eggs. 


Whatever you choose they’re sure to bring smiles to faces on Easter. 

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