Getting Horizontal

March 8, 2016

By Tab Byrum


There are always rules for everything, don’t run with scissors, say please and thank you and don’t wear horizontal stripes but that doesn’t necessarily apply to our windows. I keep coming back to window and drapery treatments that are done in horizontal striped fabric. I’m not quite sure what it is that appeals to me, I’ve always loved stripes, whether vertical or horizontal and big stripes in bold colors. It is possible to find striped fabric to make the window treatments, but if you can’t find the color combination you’re looking for you can always have a reputable seamstress/tailor or a fabric workroom make the drapes using fabric in the colors you want. I also think it would be fun to have a pattern on one of the colors, you know a navy and white horizontal striped drape with a navy pattern on the navy portion of the drape. I think the horizontal stripes are fun and dramatic and the bigger the stripes the better. Here’s a look at some examples of horizontal striped drapes, I definitely need these. Enjoy!!!


This is a great example of how elegant the stripes drapes can look, here they’re done in white and a gray color that matches the color on the walls.


The horizontal stripes are a great way to get accent colors from the furniture in the room up on the walls. 


I love all the color and pattern going on in this room, blue and white on the floor, white furniture and white walls and the bold orange and white striped drapes echo the pillows on the sofas. 


The blue of the rug is repeated on the drapes as well as green. 


Here’s a great example of drapes with stripes in different sizes.


The horizontal stripes are a great look in a child’s room, the stripes can be done in bold bright colors that kids love. 


These blue and white drapes continue the two color theme used throughout this room. 


This is a bright room with lots of color and pattern going on, from the stripes on the drapes to the patterned rug and leopard chairs. 


Stripes are often associated with the water so they’re the perfect pattern to use out by a pool, poodle not included.


These drapes incorporate a smaller stripe than we’ve been seeing, but because of their size it works. Love the neutral color theme across the whole room. 


I would love to see what the rest of this room looks like, but I’m betting there’s lots of gray going on and white or neutral. 

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