In The Golden Glow

March 30, 2016

By Tab Byrum


We continue with our look at the color gold and gold finishes in interior design today with a look at lighting. I always tell my clients to think of lighting as the jewelry for a room, those sparkly and bright elements that bring some glamor and of course light to a room. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we need to go out and buy big brass chandeliers for our houses but you can get lighting that incorporates gold in a very simple, elegant and 21st century way. To me, gold is a very warm color and nowhere is that more evident than in lighting, just think a beautiful gold fixture that catches the light and increases the effect even more. Whether it’s in your foyer, over your dining table or kitchen island or in your bathroom, lighting is very important and a great way to incorporate some gold in your decor. Check out these lighting choices I’ve gathered for you today from Rejuvenation and Enjoy!!!


The Berkshire Drum Chandelier will work in lots of places whether it’s as a bedside lamp, 2 or 3 over a dining table or one in a corner over a pair of chairs and a table. 


The Baltimore Chandelier will work anywhere you need a chandelier, whether it’s over a dining table, kitchen island or in a foyer, this is a very smart looking fixture. 


The Berkshire 6-Arm Chandelier brings some retro glamor to a room.


The Cedar & Moss Chandelier combines wood, metal, brass and frosted glass into one awesome light fixture.


The Haleigh Wire Dome Pendant is an awesome looking fixture, lots of bang for your buck with the gold shade and some black metal to tone it down. 


I love the Lynwood Sconce, its accordion arm allows you to direct the light and increase or decrease its intensity by pushing the light back or bringing it forward. 


There are several choices in the Cylinder Telescoping Wall Lights, I really like the Antique Brass and Bronze color combo. 


The Baldwin pendant brings schoolhouse charm to wherever it’s hung, this is a safe bet in so man types of interiors. 


There’s also tons of good looking flush mount fixtures available, like the Eastmoreland Semi-Flush fixture


I love how this gold lantern fixture brings a little sparkle to a beautiful neutral kitchen.

As you can see gold lighting is a great way to get some sparkle and pizazz to a room, check back tomorrow for a look at gold home accessories and check back later this morning for a look at a famous artist on his birthday today. 

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