Montes Doggett Ceramics

March 22, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Montes Doggett is a company with its headquarters in North Carolina but its beginnings were nurtured in Mexico where founder Monica Porter grew up and learned the fine of art of home entertaining from her mother. Monica Porter looks to the past for a lot of her inspiration and even took the name of her company from the maiden names of her mother and mother-in-law. Today each piece in the collection is made by hand and the company says, “pieces are chosen for their versatility, simplicity, and functionality.”  Together with her husband John, Monica brings a love of entertaining to her work as well as 15 years of experience.

I personally was unaware of Montes Doggett until recently when I was shopping for accessories for a client and ran across a display of their creations in a shop. I love the organic feel of many of the pieces, it’s not all straight lines with some pieces having gentle curving edges. I’m also crazy about the white color of the ceramics, as I get older I really like keeping things simple and classic and all white does that. I have a real soft spot for beautiful ceramics and Montes Doggett has found a place on my want list, down the road we’ll be checking out more of their collections including the wood, fossil, and horn collections, until then take a peek at ceramics from Montes Doggett and Enjoy!!!


This is Cake Stand No. Forty One, this would be beautiful holding a cake and so many other things. 


Pitcher No. One Hundred Sixty Three


A beautiful set of bowls is a must and the No. Eighty Three, Set of 3 is beautiful. 


Of course, as much as I love flowers I also love vases and the One Hundred Eighty Seven was the first thing in the whole collection to catch my eye. 


I really like the large handle and exaggerated spout on Pitcher No. Ninety Six


This is Ice Bucket No. One Hundred Thirty Six, it’s perfect for not only ice but also a bottle of champagne or full of flowers, imagine it full of tulips hanging over the side. 


Bowl No. One Hundred Sixteen, Large would be perfect for so many things, wouldn’t a fresh green salad be beautiful in this?


Of course, you need something to cook and bake in and the Baker No. One Hundred Thirty Four, Large is perfect for all your desserts and casseroles. 

Images are courtesy of
Montes Doggett.

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