Oliver Gal Art

March 31, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Oliver Gal is an art company that I’m very intrigued by, I recently bought some prints on sale that haven’t arrived yet but I’ll share them when they do. Oliver Gal was started by sisters Lola & Ana Sánchez, the site sells artwork that is meant to capture the beauty of life in all its pop culture glory. On Oliver Gal, you’ll find art dedicated to fashion, designers, sports, blueprints, colors as well as classical art. You’ve seen their pieces in magazine photo spreads, they are always on trend and capture what’s going on now. I really like the fun feelings you get from Oliver Gal works, whether it’s a Warhol type work, an image of a flirty dress or a blueprint for a robot, it’s all here at Oliver Gal. Check out the selected works I’ve chosen here today and I’m planning a more in-depth look at their products next week, Enjoy!!! (above, Grande Bulldog-Alisque)


Mademoiselle Remix


Light Me Up Triptych


Classic Doll II


Lego Toy Figure, 1979 Blue


Bag, Shoes and Coffee Red

Words are my own
Images are courtesy of
Oliver Gal.

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