Pirch Showroom, Atlanta

March 29, 2016

By Tab Byrum


I shared with you a couple weeks ago some of the wonderful experiences I had at the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta, one of the things we did was a lunchtime visit to the Pirch Design Center. Pirch is an amazing showroom, it has anything and everything you could possibly want for your home. If you’re building a new home this is a place to check out, if you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom they have all the latest appliances, cabinets and fixtures you would want to look at as well as all the latest in finishes. If you’re not looking for big ticket items but that little something special you can find it here, from beautiful scented candles and design books to home accessories and bar equipment. Join me for photographic visit through the Pirch Showroom and Enjoy!!!

DBCPirch2016 - 1

As you can see Pirch has a huge amount of beautiful home accessories and decorative items. 

DBCPirch2016 - 11

This was a beautiful display of candles and accessories.

DBCPirch2016 - 8

DBCPirch2016 - 10

Pirch is full of beautiful ideas, I love all their kitchen setups. This setup is so retro with the oven color and tile on the wall. 

DBCPirch2016 - 9

DBCPirch2016 - 6

Another gorgeous kitchen setup with a Tiffany blue stove and vent, love the sculptural tile on the wall. 

DBCPirch2016 - 7

DBCPirch2016 - 12

Isn’t it amazing how many faucets there are to choose from?

DBCPirch2016 - 15

One thing I liked in the showroom was the use of tile, these were large tiles meant initially for floors being used on walls. 

DBCPirch2016 - 13

Beautiful etched glass bowl sink. 

DBCPirch2016 - 14

DBCPirch2016 - 5

There were several living room like vignettes set up in the Pirch showroom as well. 

DBCPirch2016 - 4

DBCPirch2016 - 3

DBCPirch2016 - 2

Beautiful books, glassware and a gold coral sculpture at the back.

The folks at Pirch fed all of us bloggers a wonderful lunch and answered all our questions, Thanks to all the wonderful people at Pirch. 

Words are my own and photos
are my own, taken on iPhone 6.
Image 1 courtesy of Pirch.com

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