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April 11, 2016

By Tab Byrum


While I was attending the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta earlier this year I was able to meet and talk to great people from exciting companies that work in the field of design, one of those companies was Fracture out of Gainesville, Florida. Fracture is giving us a whole new way of thinking about and looking at photography and art, Fracture has perfected printing photos directly onto glass that can then be hung on the wall. Printing photos onto glass takes out the steps of matting and framing photos and the folks at Fracture have made the whole process very simple. All you have to do is visit the website, upload the picture you want and choose the size, place your order and in a few days your new artwork/photo arrives ready to hang, Fracture even provides the screw for mounting the photo on the wall. I’m in the process of choosing a photo from our personal ones to send into Fracture, I can’t wait to share that with you, in the meantime check out these images provided by Fracture as well as their website. Enjoy!!!


What better way to remember a special trip than to have your photos printed on glass and ready to hang. 


Start enjoying your favorite photos every day and make them centerpieces of your home’s decor. 


This gives you a better idea of how the photos look up close, these are the flower photos hanging over the bed in the previous photos. 

Room_Shelf and Flowers_Art Store

Whether it’s a small collection of images or a whole gallery wall full of photos, Fracture will give your images a whole new look and feel. 



Fracture ships in specially designed boxes that are environmentally friendly. 

Fractography (54 of 76)

Grab a cup of coffee, scroll through your pictures and visit the website and start enjoying your favorite photos. 

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