Mixing Old & New: Furniture and Fabrics

April 26, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Yesterday we started a conversation on Juxtaposition, the mixing of styles and time periods, and we talked about combining furniture from different times periods as well as mixing contemporary furniture in a mostly traditionally styled room. Today we are talking about another great way to accomplish Juxtaposition in your decorating with the use of fabrics and reupholstering antique furniture with modern or current materials. There is no better way to stay on top of decorating trends then to stay up on fabric trends, colors, pattern and styles are constantly changing. Today I’m going to share some images with you of mostly chairs that have retained their antique shape but have been updated with a new, bright and bold fabric, in some cases the body of the chair has been painted a new color which is totally an option if you are so inclined and brave enough to do it. Enjoy these sofas and chairs and get inspired, Enjoy!!! (above image via)


This Barrel chair was remodeled with gold paint and a couple of contemporary fabrics, love the color combinations. (via)


I think we’ve pretty well determined that animal is NOT going anywhere and timeless, love this little bedroom chair done up in a Leopard print. ( via)


This antique Swedish sofa gets a big jolt of contemporary with this red and white fabric, very fun. (via)


I’ve seen chairs like this my whole life, there were even some in older family member’s homes, this is a great way to “recycle” furniture, especially if it’s a family antique. (via)


This antique settee has been revamped all around, with a new white paint job and a couple of new blue and turquoise fabrics. (via)


Classic French form combines with contemporary color and pattern to create a whole new fun elegance. (via)


Isn’t this Regency Arm Chair great? While this is not my color scheme, it certainly gives me ideas of how to do other chairs. (via)


This 19th Century sofa gets a 21st Century update with  black and white checks, it’s available here on 1st dibs.


These big and bold polka dots create a fun piece of furniture out of a French side chair. (via)

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