Oh Your Majesty! That Purse, Those Shoes

April 20, 2016

By Tab Byrum


One thing you hear some people say about the Queen of England is she always carries the same purse and wears the same shoes, and people want to know what a Queen carries in her purse. Today we are going to try and give you a little background on Her Majesty’s favorite accessories. Her purses are all from the same company unless they are made especially to match a certain outfit and made from the same fabric as the dress or gown. Her purses come from Launer London Luxury Leather Company in London, recently the CEO of Launer stated that over the years Launer has made some 200 handbags for the Queen and at a price of around $2,000 per handbag that’s a lot of pounds. The Queen is most often seen carrying a black pocketbook but occasionally will carry a beige purse during the day and a silver or other color for state occasions and evening events. (above image via) (image below via)




Launer does say that Her Majesty doesn’t buy new purses every year but does pay to have new hardware installed on the bags and repairs made to them. The Queen has asked for modifications to be made to the Launer bags, she asked for longer straps on the purse, this allows her to shake hands easier, change the purse from arm to arm and Angela Kelly says the purses don’t get hung up on her cuffs as easily with longer straps.







What does one carry in their handbag when you’re a Queen? Well, rumor has it Her Majesty carries a small hook in her purse to be able to hang it from tables as well as mints, lipstick, a metal makeup compact, crosswords cut from the paper, a comb and handkerchief and good luck charms from her children and grandchildren. Apparently the Queen uses her purse as a signaling device also, if she moves it from one arm to another she’s ready to move on but if it’s dangling from the crook of her left arm all is well. 





Royal visit to Ebony Horse Club

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Her Majesty has worn shoes from the same company, Anello & Davide, for almost 50 years. The shoes are handmade by the West London shoemaker and are usually done up in black patent leather with a gold buckle or chain or small bow on the top of the shoes. The Queen has had hundreds of pairs of the shoes over the decades but usually rotates among ten different pairs.



She currently likes a two-inch heel on her shoes but if it’s known she is going to be walking on very uneven surfaces she will opt for a lower heel. At $1,000 dollars a pair,  the palace doesn’t order new shoes every year but does pay to have heels replaced on shoes and repairs made to the tops if necessary. While black is the color most seen gracing the royal feet The Queen does have the shoes in colors to go with certain outfits as well as evening shoes in silver. 





Check back with us later this morning as we take a look at The Queen’s Scottish retreat, Balmoral Castle. 

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