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April 21, 2016

By Tab Byrum


It should come as no surprise that today’s post is on Queen Elizabeth II as a Tabulous Tastemaker, the Queen has been setting trends and being photographed since the day she was born. Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born on this day, April 21, 1926, in London at her parent’s home in Mayfair. At the time of her birth, her parents were the Duke and Duchess of York, her mother was the Scottish-born former Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and her father was the second born son of King George V and Queen Mary. In 1926, no one really considered the possibility that Princess Elizabeth would someday become Queen of England, her father’s older brother was the Prince of Wales and it was his destiny to be King, but that all changed in 1936 when her Uncle David abdicated the throne so he could marry the woman he loved, twice-divorced American Wallis Simpson. (above image via)



Princess Elizabeth, her sister Margaret and her parents were immediately thrust into the spotlight and literally overnight became the central figures in British society and government. The world became entranced by this new King, his Queen, and their two young daughters, everyone wanted to see what they were wearing, what they sounded like and what they were constantly doing. At 21 Princess Elizabeth swore her allegiance to Britain in a radio address and let her people know that she would work for them and be in their service for however long or short her life was, now we know 69 years later that it was meant to be a long reign.



Queen Elizabeth is looked at as an icon of fashion, although some today would look at her low-heeled shoes and sensible handbag and wrinkle their noses, but I’ll share some photos with you today that show just how much of a fashion forward lady she’s been. If there’s one thing people think of when they hear Queen of England it’s hats and she’s literally worn thousands of them, in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Today the Queen is the last member of her family alive, her father died at the young age of 56 which made her Queen at 25, but her mother lived to be 101 so there’s an excellent chance we have several more years to celebrate this woman who has led a nation and a Common Wealth for 64 years. Enjoy the images I have for you today and God Save The Queen!!!


The Duchess of York and a baby Princess Elizabeth, probably early 1927. (via)


An 18-year-old Elizabeth Windsor reporting for duty, Princess Elizabeth volunteered and trained as an ambulance driver during WWII. (via)


In August of 1950 Princess Elizabeth gave birth to a daughter, Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise. (via)


Princess Elizabeth with her family at the Christening of Princess Anne. Beside the princess is her Grandmother, Queen Mary. The Princess is looking at a young Prince Charles holding onto his grandmother Queen Elizabeth. Behind the ladies is King George VI on the left and Prince Philip on the right. (via)


A sketch of Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation gown and robes, done by designer Norman Hartnell in 1953. (via)


Queen Elizabeth surrounded by her family following her coronation at Westminster Abbey. 


This iconic photo of the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth was taken in Buckingham Palace by Cecil Beaton after the Royal party returned to the palace from the Coronation ceremony, June 1953. (via)


A very groovy couple, presumably at a horse show. (via)


I love this striking photo of the Queen taken by Cecil Beaton, coy and dignified all at once. 


Her Majesty making an entrance wearing the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara and the necklace and bracelet from the Brazilian Aquamarine parure. (via)


The Queen and one of her beloved Corgis, she has had Corgis since she was given her first one, Susan, for her 18th birthday. (via)


Queen Elizabeth and her younger sister Princess Margaret attending Ascot in June 1996. The Queen and Princess Margaret were very close, she spoke to her sister and mother every day either by phone or in person, sadly Princess Margaret died in February 2002 just a few weeks  before the Queen Mother died on March 30th. (via)


These are both such beautiful photos, the top photo is of a young Duchess of York with Princess Elizabeth on the left and Princess Margaret Rose on the right. The bottom photo is of the same ladies just a little older and their titles are now Queen Mother, The Queen, and Princess Margaret, The Countess of Snowden.  (via)


The Queen has always been a fan of hats, today hats are still among her calling cards as well as pearls, brooches, and bright colors. (via)


Her Majesty is known to drive herself when she’s on one of her estates. Among her favorite forms of transportation are Range Rovers and Jaguars. (via)


The Queen and Prince William have a chat at the Festival of Remembrance service, the Prince has stated he’s very close to his grandmother and is very thankful to have her in his life and as a role model. (via)


Whether she’s wearing a diamond tiara or head scarf Queen Elizabeth is always in style. (via)

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  • Sharon Cullison

    I remember her coronation so well My whole family gathered to watch it on the only TV in the family Made quite an impression on me

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