Sandringham House

April 19, 2016

By Tab Byrum


We continue our look at castles, palaces and houses Queen Elizabeth calls home and today we are looking at her house in the country, Sandringham House. Sandringham House sits on 20,000 acres north of London near the village of Sandringham in Norfolk, England. The current house was built by Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandfather Edward VII, it was started in 1865 and finished in 1870, at the time of its construction the red brick house was way ahead of its time as far as amenities since it had gas lighting, indoor flushing toilets, and showers. One thing I find interesting when reading about Sandringham House is the mention of how small the bedrooms are in the house, especially since Sandringham has been the favored retreat for the Royal Family since the reign of Edward VII. Today Sandringham House is where the Queen and her immediate family retreat to for the Christmas holidays, the Queen usually arrives a week or so before Christmas and stays there until February 6th, her father died at Sandringham on February 6th which is also the day she became Queen of England. Sandringham House is a privately owned estate by the Monarch and is not a “Crown Property.” The house is open to tours during the times of the year the Royal Family are not using the house, definitely on my list to visit sometime. Here are some images and more facts on the Queen’s favorite country house, Enjoy!!! ( above image via )


The Drawing Room at Sandringham House, as you can see the house is still decorated in a very traditional manner, very English. ( via )


A staircase at Sandringham, the house maintains a lot of the look from its construction during Victorian times. (via)


The Small Drawing Room in Sandringham. One nickname for Sandringham House is “the most comfortable house in England”. ( via )


This room is referred to as the Saloon. Several members of the Royal Family have been known for doing needlepoint in the past, I wonder if those pillows are the work of a former Queen or King. ( via )


The Library at Sandringham, reportedly it was formerly used as a bowling alley. ( via )


The White Drawing Room at Sandringham, if I’m not mistaken that’s a painting of Queen Alexandra over the fireplace. She was the wife of Edward VII who built Sandringham and Great Grandmother to Queen Elizabeth. (via)


The Queen’s private sitting room at Sandringham House. ( via )


Members of the Royal Family walk to church on Christmas morning, weather permitting. It’s a short walk from Sandringham House to St. Mary Magdalene Church on the estate grounds. ( via )


An aerial view of Sandringham House, this is the back of the house. You can see the driveway on the other side of the house. ( via )

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at QEII’s house in the country, check back tomorrow as we take a look at Her Majesty’s iconic shoes and purses and her castle in Scotland. 

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