Artwork By Anna Mason

May 3, 2016

By Tab Byrum


I recently discovered today’s artist purely by chance, I was looking for one thing on the internet, ended up looking at something different and found Anna Mason, you know how it is. The first image I saw of one of her paintings I couldn’t believe was a watercolor painting, I thought it had to be a photograph, but no it’s a painting. Anna Mason is a successful British artist, she’s been painting professionally since 2008. Anna says she loved art as a child and was very artistic, but as often happens as we grow older life got in the way and she found herself working in a regular job. Around 2007, she felt like something was missing and decided to take up painting again and while doing research on different types of subject matters she found herself loving botanicals, she says botanicals spoke to her before she ever even tried painting them. She painted one apple tree growing in her garden at different stages over the course of a year and in 2007 she entered the paintings in the Royal Horticulture Society’s art show and won a gold medal for the paintings. I am in love with her work, they are so realistic and vibrant, it’s so amazing to me that a person has this talent and to top it all off, she’s SELF-TAUGHT. You can learn more about her and see tons more of her work here at her website, in the meantime here are the images I’m sharing today, Enjoy!!! (Above, Vine Tomatoes)


Apple Tortosh


Grapes Pinot Noir


Jans Rose


Pears 12th September


Anna’s Hummingbird


Dahlia Tiptoe


Stargazer Lily


Plums 17 August



Words are my own
Information and Images
courtesy of Anna Mason.

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