Favorite Museums: The British Museum

May 23, 2016

By Tab Byrum


As everyone begins to think about Summer vacations and holidays one of the things to take a look at are museums. You can focus on any subject, from food to string and ancient cultures and you’ll find a museum for it. I thought over the next few weeks we would look at some of my favorite museums from around the world. Earlier today we talked about my friends as they plan their trip to London this Summer so we begin today with a look at The British Museum. The British Museum was established in 1753 and is dedicated to human history, art and culture, I have to tell you I love this place, it’s one of those museums that you find thousands of years worth of artifacts under one roof. If you ever have the chance to visit London you have to put The British Museum on your list. Enjoy!!! (above image via)


The Center Court was remodeled in 2001, today it surrounds the original reading room of the museum. The ceiling is clear glass so, I took the below image in 2014. (above image via)

BritishMuseum_1 - 1

BritishMuseum_1 - 2

The British Museum house a huge collection of Egyptian treasures. As always where museums are concerned there are some who believe these ancient relics should be returned to their home countries or money paid for them. Many of the relics were brought back to London following excavations by British universities and archaeologists in the first half of the 20th century. 

BritishMuseum_1 - 3

BritishMuseum_1 - 6

The museum houses a huge collection of Greek artifacts, including portions of temples and statues that give you an idea of the sculpturing skills these people possessed.

BritishMuseum_1 - 7

BritishMuseum_1 - 4

There’s also a large collection of Asian antiques, including a huge collection of Cloisonne objects as see in the above lidded jar. 

BritishMuseum_1 - 5

There’s also a huge collection Buddhas and Asian figurines. 

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