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May 27, 2016

By Tab Byrum


I love finding new creators and their creations online via social media, recently on Instagram a couple of photos I had posted were liked by Piper Collection, I went to their page and saw some gorgeous pillows and that led me to their website, social media doing its job. The Piper Collection is the work of a mother-daughter team from Charlotte, North Carolina, Cindy, and Whitney Caudle. Whitney attended the University of Alabama studying Textile Design and after graduating she had lots of ideas she wanted to make real, enter interior designer mom Cindy and together they’ve created pillow perfection. I LOVE these pillows, so many of the patterns they’re using are very traditional but done in such bright and bold colors and luxurious fabrics. Bright pinks, oranges, and beautiful neutrals of champagne and silver combine with bold geometrics, enough of me prattling on, check them out yourself, here’s some beautiful examples and a look at some of their collections, Enjoy!!!

 The Sunset Collection




Here we have the Emily in linen and vegan leather and the Gwen in pink and orange cut velvet.

The Ocean Collection




Here we have Bella in Waterfall cut velvet and who could resist Big Al in linen and velvet, he also comes in pink & orange. 

The Dunes Collection




Here’s the Bella again in a beautiful darker, neutral mix of colors and the Lauren in metallic linen and vegan leather. 

The Ireland Collection




The Grace is done in Multi-colored cut velvet and the Kendrick is done in citrus and pink cut velvet. 

Pillows from the Piper Collection will work into a whole array of decorating schemes, pillows are an easy punch of color, glamor, and drama, two on a sofa or one in a chair can make a world of difference. Check out all their beautiful choices and tell them Tabulous Design sent you. 

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of the Piper Collection.

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