Strawberry Kitchen Decor

May 3, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Fruit is a great inspiration as far as decorating your kitchen, I’ve known some people who have decorated their whole kitchen around one theme so why not strawberries. The color of strawberries lends itself to a great color scheme with bright red and green and the white and yellow of the strawberry blossoms. If you’re looking to get a retro feel or look to your kitchen then a theme like strawberries makes that easy, there are lots of new items available to help you decorate your kitchen with a strawberry theme but my favorite strawberry themed items I’ve seen are antique or vintage. Today I want to share some things I found, both old and new, with a strawberry theme that you can use in your kitchen. Remember, you don’t have to go all in, just add one or two things this summer to brighten up your kitchen space, Enjoy!!! (above image via)


I have several of these antique Pyrex refrigerator dishes, they are perfect for leftovers and can go from refrigerator to microwave or oven. Mine don’t have strawberries but do have the retro patterns like the ones in the background. (via)


This is a new rug that I would definitely use in the Summer months, very bright and cheery. (via)


At one time I think all moms and grandmas were required to take these painting classes, a great little treasure if you have or find one of these. (via)


Isn’t this teapot great, with the strawberries on the side and the wooden handle and knob? (via)


Everyone needs at least one set of mixing bowls on hand, so why not have some fun ones like these metal bowls decorated with a strawberry design? (via)


Tablecloths are always a great way to bring some seasonal cheer to your kitchen or in the case a party table. I’m thinking this is a handmade tablecloth, very cute. (via)


You also need some cute, fun glasses to drink the strawberry cocktails and beverages I’m going to share in the days to come, these will be perfect. (via)

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