The Precious Peony

May 11, 2016

By Tab Byrum


If you are at all into fresh flowers then this time of year should be one of your favorites since Peonies are in season. Everyone seems to love Peonies, whether it’s for their wonderful scent, their big, full blooms or the wonderful array of spring colors they come in. There’s nothing more beautiful in the Spring than a bunch of Peonies gathered into a bouquet, one of my favorite displays of Peonies involves blue and white porcelain, I always love how the colors of the Peonies plays off the blue and white. Last week for Mother’s Day I included Peonies in some of the arrangements that were ordered for clients and they were just the right amount of punch of color the bouquets needed. I’ve gathered some images today to share with you of Peonies to give you some ideas and inspiration on how to use this Springtime favorite, Enjoy!!! (above image via)


Wouldn’t you love to have this in your yard, you can go out and with a simple snip bring in some Peony goodness. (via)


Heaven!!!! (via)


Peonies on their own make beautiful bouquets. (via)


You can do something as simple as flowers in a jar or small vase. (via)


Peonies have such a variety of colors available, I love the different shades of pink here and the pops of orange. (via)




Here’s what I was talking about with Peonies and blue and white containers, it’s a classic way to display the Spring bloom. (via)


They mix so well with other flowers, whether the arrangement is large or small. (via)


This arrangement in a silver champagne bucket gives you an idea of how elegant Peonies can be. (via)


This is my favorite picture, two of my favorite things, books, and Peonies. (via)

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