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June 21, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Recently I’ve seen Antilocarpa pop up on blogs and in magazines, while this isn’t the Latin name for a genus of the species it is the name given to a pattern of carpet and it’s beautiful. Antilocarpa is from Stark Carpets and it’s meant to mimic the coat or hair of the Antelope, and I’m thinking this may be my new favorite “neutral”. This pattern looks great with everything, it can be used in conjunction with modern home decor as well as traditional decor and design. An Antelopes hide has browns and gold in it with white spots, the Stark Carpet version has several colorways available that I’ll share with you today plus show you how it’s being used in homes. I would love to have this as a living room rug or a runner down our hallway, it’s definitely something to add to the “must have” list, Enjoy!!!


This is probably my favorite color of Antilocarpa from Stark, Sand


The darkest color is this one called Coffee


The Almond colorway of Antilocarpa is a great color if you’re looking for a lighter colored carpet or rug. 


Caramel Antilocarpa is a great medium shade if you are wanting to stay close to the real color of an Antelope. 


There are several different colors of Antilocarpa with gray as the main color, this one is Stone


Here’s an excellent example of Antilocarpa used in a contemporary setting, animal prints are one pattern that works well in both traditional and more modern design settings. (via)


This is the photo from House Beautiful that started me thinking more about Antilocarpa, this house is very traditional in design with some untraditional tweaks like the black woodwork. The Stark pattern looks wonderful here. (via)


I wanted you to see that you can use Antilocarpa in any setting, even a little girl’s bedroom. Doesn’t it look wonderful with all of the pinks? (via)


There are also some more “unnatural” colorways of Antilocarpa, here we have a blue version if blue is your favorite or accent color. (via)

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