Camilla Clutterbuck At Tiger Flower Studio

June 15, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Back in March, I spent a couple of weeks sharing with you artists who are featured on the Tiger Flower Studio website and as the website grows and starts representing more artists I’m going to try and keep you informed. I was happy to see Camilla Clutterbuck recently added as a new artist to Tiger Flower Studio, I love her paintings, the way she captures details on small items like a decorative box, a cup or a bowl. I also like how she combines her obvious love of wildlife with these household items, the colors she uses are beautiful and the subject matters are charming. Let’s have a peek at the work of Camilla Clutterbuck ( I love her name also) appearing on Tiger Flower Studio website and we’ll do a more in-depth look at the artist and her work down the road. Enjoy!!!


Scottish China, Camilla Clutterbuck


Dining Room V, Camilla Clutterbuck


Speed The Plough, Camilla Clutterbuck


Siskin, Camilla Clutterbuck


Various, Camilla Clutterbuck

Please check out all the works by Camilla Clutterbuck and check back with us later this morning as we continue our Gifts For Dad series, today we’re talking brollies.

Words are my own
Images are courtesy of
Tiger Flower Studio

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  • Camilla Clutterbuck

    Thank you very much for your lovely comments on my work and for including me in your blog (which I’m enjoying moseying around…)

    • Tab Byrum

      You are so welcome Camilla, I’m glad you enjoyed the post and I hope you found some other things to enjoy while perusing the blog. I look forward to more art from you, keep up the beautiful work!!!

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