Gifts For Dad: Denim Umbrella From London Undercover

June 15, 2016

By Tab Byrum


I have to make a confession, I have a thing for accessories. Whether it’s scarves and gloves in the winter or sunglasses year round, my motto is “it’s the little things that count”. So my love of accessories squealed out loud when I recently discovered the British website London Undercover and their awesome umbrellas or as they refer to them, Solid Stick Umbrellas, especially one type of umbrella they market, the D-LUX Denim Solid Stick Umbrella. The Undercover website says the umbrellas are inspired by French field workers and the indigo dyed brollies (umbrellas) of the early 20th Century. The umbrellas are made of a special cotton denim that is waterproof, they are available in 3 shades of blue, which I’ll share with you, and a solid hickory stick and handle. You can even have up to five initials put on the leather strap of the umbrella. I think these are so sharp and would be a great gift for anyone, year round. Join me for a look at the “brollies” and visit the Undercover website for more umbrellas and info., Enjoy!!!


As I told you earlier, the Undercover Denim Umbrellas come in 3 shades of blue. This is the darkest shade, Navy Denim.


This is the lightest shade of blue, the Blue Grey Denim Umbrella.


and the medium shade, French Blue Denim Umbrella


This is the smart-looking leather strap you use to close the umbrella and keep it closed, this is also where you can have the owner’s initials monogrammed in gold. 


I love the handles and sticks on these umbrellas, carved from hickory. 


There you have it, a great gift for the Dad in your life, whether it’s Father’s Day, Birthday, Christmas or Hannukah these umbrellas are beautiful gifts. 

Words are my own.
Images are courtesy of
London Undercover.

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