Anderson Cooper’s Jungle Abode

July 12, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Don’t we all dream of having a place to escape to? A place that may even be hard to get to, secluded, secret and all our own, that’s exactly what Anderson Cooper has accomplished with the home he’s built in the Brazilian town of Trancoso. It takes Cooper and his partner, Benjamin Maisani, 14 hours to get to their vacation home from New York but by the looks of these pictures, it’s well worth the journey. Cooper says he first came to  Trancoso in 2013 with Benjamin and their friend Andy Cohen, Cooper says he was in love with the town and the area around it within a day of arriving and “fantasizing about buying a house there.” Cooper decided to go for his fantasy and gathered a team to help him buy property, design, build and decorate a home. Today the house sits on the edge of the beautiful rainforest, Cooper talks about sitting on the balcony reading and listening to monkeys in the distance. This house is beautiful, not overdone at all and incorporates wonderful antiques, but decoratively and structurally. One place Cooper and his designer had fun is with the light fixtures, you’ll notice lots of “different” lighting throughout the home. If you have a chance get the latest Architectural Digest magazine and check out the story of the house that Anderson built, for now here’s a peek inside, Enjoy!!!


This is the building that contains the Master Bedroom suite at Casa Anderson, must feel like sleeping in a tree house. 


This is a covered porch on the bungalow, note the sculptural woven light fixture on the left above the table.


The Master Bedroom is something out of a Robert Louis Stevenson novel, I love all the wood and the top trunk at the foot of the bed holds a TV.


You can see here how antiques were used in the buildings, an antique piece was adapted as a washstand and many of the window frames in the house are antique. 


Double rain shower heads in the master suite, this area looks out onto the covered porch we saw earlier. 


Anderson Cooper enjoys some downtime at his Brazilian getaway. 


The swimming pool has a very organic feel to it and goes right up to the edge of the jungle. 


In the living room of the main house, you can see how all the natural decorative elements come together, a beautiful room. 


In this living room corner, you can see how antiques are used, this is an antique desk, chair, and the window frames are also antiques. 


The turquoise wall in the dining room holds several religious artifacts, the dining table is antique and sits on a waxed concrete floor.


I love an all white kitchen with open shelving, here it just adds to the relaxed feel of the house. 


This is the outdoor dining area of the main cottage, the lighting is made from terra cotta pots, the benches are also antiques and the table is a custom piece. 


Cooper and Benjamin Maisani poolside with the neighbor’s dogs. 

Words are my own.
Images and information
courtesy of Architectural Digest.

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