Glorious In Gingham (or Buffalo Check)

July 6, 2016

By Tab Byrum


I have always liked Gingham plaid, I like the pattern it creates, I like the traditional red, blue and green colors it has come in, I like the newer versions in black, gray and more muted tones and the larger patterns referred to as Buffalo Check. Gingham kind of gets a bum rap since most people view it as a “country” fabric and only think of it for picnic blankets and square dance costumes. Gingham plaid is one of those fabric patterns that mixes well with other patterns and can definitely be made more glamorous, there’s nothing more chic than a mixture of gingham plaid and French toile fabrics as well as gingham and florals, polka dots and complementary solids. Nowadays you can find gingham patterned flooring in exaggerated sizes, wallpaper in a wide array of colors, bedding and accessories. Join me for a look at Gingham and how to mix and match it to add a simple classic to your home. Enjoy!!! (above image via)


Here you can see how gingham plaid livens up this traditional dining room, mixing with the antelope rug on the floor and the floral wallpaper. (via)


If you can get past the beautiful Limestone floors and puppy you’ll see the gorgeous Gingham Roman Shades at the top of the windows. Gray Gingham may be my new favorite thing. (via)


Here’s a wonderful example of Gingham or Buffalo Check mixed with French Toile, such a classic combination. (via)


Here we get a good look at the more recent trend of neutral colored ginghams, a mixture of matelasse and gingham creates a calming guest room. (via)


Gingham can show up anywhere, here it covers dining chairs in a French Chateau. (via)


These black gingham plaid drapes mix with mercury glass candlesticks to add some drama to this living area. (via)


I wanted to share this example of an exaggerated pattern used on a floor, so fun!! (via)


Large gingham plaid drapes add a punch of pattern to a predominately black and gray room. (via)


Another great look at neutral gingham plaid, see how well it mixes with other textures and stripes. (via)


It can also be as simple as adding to plaid chair cushions to get that extra something you’re looking for. (via)

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