Happy 2nd Anniversary

July 7, 2016

By Tab Byrum


I can’t believe it but I started posting on the blog two years ago today, so two years and 662 posts later and I’m still enjoying it and finding new stuff everyday that I want to explore further and share with you. Today I thought we would take a look back at some of my favorite posts from the blog as well as some of the more popular ones. It’s interesting when you do something like a blog for others to read, you come up with an idea or a product for a post and get really excited about it and may only have 40 or 50 people come and read it and then sometimes you do a post at the last minute that you feel like is rushed and that’s one where a couple hundred people read it and share it. I hope you are enjoying reading the blog as much as I enjoy doing it and I ask that if you do enjoy it that you hit share on Facebook every day so your family and friends can see what we’re doing here, that’s one of the best ways to grow Tabulous Design. Join me now for a look back at the last two years, Enjoy!!!

Flowers Of The Month


I’ve always enjoyed doing the flower posts, especially in the beginning when I would focus on the flowers that are assigned to each month as the “birth flower”.  Two years ago I did Delphiniums or Larkspur, it’s crazy how much the way we do things changes in a couple of years, we’re always growing and changing.

Delphiniums: July’s Flower of the Month

Tabulous Tastemakers


I love history and doing the monthly write ups on designers under Tabulous Tastemakers has allowed me to incorporate some history and backstory into my blog posts. My first Tastemaker post was in July of 2014 and I focused on Oscar de la Renta for his 82nd birthday. Later that same year Michael and I were on vacation in England and Mr. de la Renta died the day we flew home, we were waiting in line at customs and Michael looked at stats for the blog that day and told me I had had a huge spike in readers, unfortunately it was from people searching for information on Oscar de la Renta. The Tastemaker posts are not always my most read posts but personally they are some of the more interesting and fun to put together, hopefully you enjoy them as well.

Tabulous Tastemaker: Sister Parish

All Aspects Of Design


Of course design is a lot more than just Interior Design, design is the basis for the creation of any product, you have to have the idea, put the idea on paper and decide the best way to “bring the idea to life.” That’s one reason I’ve covered fashion design, furniture design, accessory design, and art. There are have been several posts I’ve done on clothing, and I always try to focus on lines and brands that aren’t ultra mainstream, but then I also love Converse tennis shoes and I’ve featured them a lot. I also like to look at clothes as they come out for the change of seasons.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II

12 Jackets From Massimo Dutti

Art In Design


I love art, one of my favorite things to do is explore art museums and to post about new art websites and artists here on the blog. We’ve looked at many, many artists over the last couple of years as well as the websites you can visit to see their works. One of my favorite series of posts I did earlier this year was a look at Tiger Flower Studios and the many wonderful artists they represent by selling prints of their works.

Tiger Flower Studio

The Holidays


Holidays are very important to any culture, a time to celebrate religious observances, to remember those who aren’t with us any longer, a time to indulge in favorite food, drink and over the top decorations. I enjoy writing about holidays for the blog and seeing all the new ideas people have and products meant to make our holidays more joyous. I’m endeavoring in the months to come to write more posts focusing on the holidays, I’ve even been challenged by one reader to do something on a monthly basis starting in 2017. Some of my favorite holiday posts have been where I shared the decorations in client’s homes and my parent’s home. What would you like to see in the way of holiday posts, I’m always looking for new ideas.

Mom And Dad’s Christmas Tour

One thing you are told as a blogger is that original content is most important and that’s something I’m always working on, unfortunately the blog isn’t where I make a lot of money off of it (yet) so I have to keep on with my day job, but I’m getting better at creating content and I don’t want to be just a curatorial site, only sharing the work of others with you. I hope you enjoy the blog and know that anytime you have a question or have a suggestion I’m always up for it, just let me know. In the mean time, here’s to the next two years, I’m anxious to see what they hold. Enjoy!!!

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